You Can't Blame Us

Ah, yes. I remember that.
But we were infants in those days,
Too immature to see beyond our selfish noses.
You can’t blame us for youth.

Passion? More than enough, I daresay.
But our minds were yet unfilled with concerns.
The rose of knowledge had yet to blossom.
You can’t blame us for ignorance.

I suppose we could have begun by that age.
But we’d been freshly thrust into the world,
Still unused to shifting paradigms and effecting change.
You can’t blame us for inexperience.

We’re sorry now, if that counts for anything.
But you see, life had been hectic lately.
We didn’t have time to concern ourselves with “posterity.”
You can’t blame us for busyness.

Maybe we could start now.
But you shouldn’t trouble us with your affairs.
It’s your problem now.
You can’t blame us for senescence.

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