I wonder how tops feel...

Excitement! Exhilaration! Enthusiasm!
Epileptic swirls—like fruit in a blender.
Not a stumble, not a swerve, not a single startled wobble.
The tune of confidence unerringly hummed. Whistled while working.

Skitter around with a staccato tap tap tap TAP.
Aimlessly meander. Nonchalantly window-shop.
Find a groove, find a groove, find a groove, find a—


Stable, serene,
Familiar, fatigued,
Monotonous, malcontent,
Curious, capricious,
Eccentric, erratic.
Lurching in circles,
as if drunk on gravity.

A final listless dip.
A last frenzy of rushed effort.
Harsh, harsh scrapes along the harsh, harsh ground.

Silence and stillness.
Stillness and silence.
Apathy and nullity reclaim their thrones.

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