me: you could have done so much with your intellect you could have built empires you could have demolished empires you could have you could have

you: but i didnt

me: but you didnt

you: no no i didnt rule the world i didnt cure cancer i didnt solve the mysteries of humanity i didnt discover new life forms i didnt alter reality i didnt

me: but you could have

you: i could have i could have but have you ever stopped to consider for a moment just ponder over your future

me: but of course of course i have considered my future isnt that what ive been doing all these years

you: no no you havent you havent because if you had you would be where i am today doing what i do today

me: what youre doing today today you are living your mediocre life with a mediocre home and a mediocre five to nine job and a mediocre five figure salary when you could

you: it was only ever a could

me: but

you: it was only ever a could

you: please please just stop and reflect for a moment consider your life plans consider the risks of success success is not likely it has never been likely it only happens to a few a very limited few and not even they know the reason they have succeeded its why theyre always discarding the fruits of their labor in debauchery in hedonism they never know when serendipity might turn against them so they spend as rapidly as they can theyre very confused do you follow

me: maybe

you: striving for modern societys definition of success is not the most sane action normality is the most rational path not abnormality the most intelligent decision is to avoid fame and fortune so you you should do as i have done and abandon your patrician dreams and embrace the plebeians blend yourself in make yourself invisible only in invisibility are you invincible

you: if youre smart enough youd realize what i say is true

me: then maybe im not smart enough

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