Stay-at-Home Vacation

Luscious vistas on demand.

Watch the sun spill onto clouds
and drip across golden breakers.

And in a flash, different waves
(still gold) whisper, rustle,
Baked by the midday sun.

Don’t like fields? No problem.
Click. The rainforest at your fingertips.
Rare wildlife captured, frozen
for your viewing pleasure.

Still not to your taste? The Serengeti,
then. Antarctica. Yellowstone. Angel Falls.
Zoom in. Isn’t it
sharper? There’s no way
eyes alone could catch

all those details. Stay in air-
conditioned comfort. It’s better than hiking four
hours in mud, swarmed by bugs
for a momentary glimpse:
hard-earned, hardly seen.
No need to

get wet. It’s better than a real
vacation. Clean
er. Faster. Eas
ier. What’s
not t
o lov

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