Kiss and Tell

Her fingertips intertwine with mine in an almost painful grip. Her hair envelops my face, lightly brushing my flushed cheeks. Her eyes shine so brightly that they glimmer like blurred candles.

My heart quickens. I feel hers too, through the thin fabric of our clothing. Like a sunset’s celestial waltzers, we inch inexorably together. A swift peck on the ear. A nibble on the jaw.

The lightest caress of our lips.

But I know it cannot last. I know it with the certainty of a mariner watching the night sky, with the panic of a toddler lost in a crowded mall, with the resignation of a Friday night office worker careening toward that deadline.

We share a sigh, an ebb in the tide of endorphins coursing through our heads. And I draw her in closer.

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