Sometimes life will take quirky detours.

It never admits to getting lost, but there are always signals—the end of this unpaved road, for one. Not that I am complaining: I find the brisk wind and frosty drizzle exhilarating (and I must admit that this tangent has not been unkind to me thus far).

Even so, I face quite a quandary right now. Do I retrace my footprints and discard their stippled sketches? Or do I continue forth, letting life blaze my trail as I abandon my original destination? Too much is occurring at this crux, and my identity must soon congeal. Frankly, backtracking no longer looks like a viable option.

I say this reluctantly—and the first steps will doubtless appear crude and uncertain in hindsight—but there can be no vacillation. I cannot act indecisively. Though my career will ultimately direct me elsewhere, I will not allow my newly kindled flame to sputter prematurely. I do not gamble, but life has forced my hand. In that sense, I suppose this path was inevitable.

If it suits your fancy, will you venture forward on this voyage with me?

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